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Many groups in Charlottesville and the Albemarle County area have received books from Book Baskets over the past two decades. Below is a list of our current recipients. We are always interested in expanding our program to new local organizations; if you are or know of an interested recipient, please contact us.

Abundant Life Tutoring Program at Johnson Elementary

About 45 children from Kindergarten through 4th grade at Johnson Elementary School participate in the Abundant Life tutoring program. This program is offered once or twice a week to selected students according to academic need, and the students are assigned tutors to work with all year. Book Baskets provides books to this program several times per year so that each student can choose a book every month or two to take home and keep.

ACDSS: Bright Stars and Family Support Programs

Albemarle County’s Department of Social Services Family Support Program is housed in 10 elementary and three middle schools and serves approximately 150 children per year in kindergarten through 8th grade. The Bright Stars Program has nine classrooms of 17 preschoolers plus children who are Bright Stars Alumni, up through the 5th grade. Book Baskets supplies books for the Bright Stars Program participants and alumni.

 Albemarle County: Southwood Back to School Festival

The Office of Community Engagement for Albemarle County Public Schools sponsors a Back to School Festival at the Southwood Community Center each August. The Southwood Mobile Home Park comprises 350 trailers with more than 1,200 residents. Over 300 school-age children live at Southwood and most have preschool-aged siblings. The population is 96% Latino. Book Baskets attends this festival annually and each child who attends can choose two books to take home.

Albemarle County: Summer School Programs

Albemarle County runs an extensive July summer school program in most of its 15 elementary schools for any students needing or wanting extra academic experience. Book Baskets delivers enough books to the summer school teachers so that each child can choose two books to take home and keep as gifts over the course of the summer program. Some teachers have the children read their books for several minutes and then take turns telling the class what the books are about. Over 2,000 books are given out in the county schools each summer by Book Baskets.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central Virginia

The mission of this group is to pair children ages 6-14 who are facing adversity with dedicated volunteers 18 or older who support them and enrich their lives at least eight hours each month. Book Baskets supplies a wide variety of appropriate books for their November Giving Thanks event. At this event, one of the activities is for the “bigs” to help their “littles” pick out two books for the “littles” to share with them at the event and then take home to keep.

Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia, James River

The James River branch of the Boys and Girls Club runs an after school program for children from Red Hill and Scottsville Elementary schools in kindergarten through 5th grade. Several times a year, Book Baskets delivers books to this program so that all of the participating children can choose books to take home and keep.

Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia, Southwood

The Southwood branch of the Boys and Girls Club serves about 200 children ages 6-18, providing a variety of engaging after school and summer programs. Several times a year, Book Baskets provides books for a 5th grade book club for participating children.

Broadus Kingdom Kids

Once a month, Book Baskets meets with 15-20 children from Wilton Farms apartments during their weekly program in connection with Broadus Memorial Church. Book Baskets volunteers oversee the selection of books with the children and encourage reading proficiency

Charlottesville City Schools: Preschool Classes

The Charlottesville city school system runs classes for three- and four-year old children with disabilities or performance delays as well as children from the school neighborhood. There are 19 small classes in six different schools. Once a semester, we provide a book for each child to take home.

Charlottesville City Schools: Summer School Programs

As a finale to the summer school experience, Book Baskets brings books to the Charlottesville City Schools Summer School Program and allows each student to select two books for their home libraries.

Child Health Partnership (formerly CHiP)

CHP is a home visiting program serving low-income children 0 to 6 years of age and pregnant women in Charlottesville as well as Albemarle, Louisa, and Fluvanna counties. Each enrolled family receives the services of both a Family Support Worker and a nurse. One of their three main goals is to give parents the knowledge and confidence to be their child’s first and best teacher. Each year the CHP staff make over 4,000 home visits. At every visit, CHP staff members bring a book for each child, provided by Book Baskets. They use the books in a variety of ways, but primarily to increase literacy in children by encouraging parents to read to their child.

City of Promise

City of Promise seeks to improve educational outcomes and quality of life for families in the 10th and Page, Westhaven, and Starr Hill neighborhoods of Charlottesville, Virginia. Their team of service providers, neighbors, schools, and local government entities collaborate to build a cradle-to-college-and-career pathway for children. Book Baskets makes books available to City of Promise whenever they have an appropriate event. We have provided children’s books at an evening community supper event as well as books for afterschool programs at their community center.

The Community Dental Center (CDC)

The mission of the Community Dental Center is to ensure that low-income children receive quality dental care. They are a non-profit, full-service, pediatric dental center that always accepts new patients with Medicaid. Book Baskets provides books to the CDC. Each child can choose one book after every appointment to take home and keep.

Community Attention Foster Families (CAFF)

Community Attention Foster Families (CAFF), founded in 1976, recruits, trains, and supervises foster families for children between birth and age 21 in Charlottesville, Albemarle, and Greene counties. Book Baskets provides books for their annual holiday gathering in December.

The Emergency Food Network

The Emergency Food Network (EFN) is a private non-profit that provides three days worth of food for the families that have called them for assistance. Each family can only use the EFN once a month. The EFN receives books from Book Baskets for clients to take when they pick up food (two books per child per visit).

Free Clinic

The Charlottesville Free Clinic provides access to medical care, dental care, mental health support services, and prescription medications for uninsured and underinsured adults and their families living in the greater Charlottesville/Albemarle community. Book Baskets supplies books for the waiting area. Children can choose books at every visit to take home.

Greenstone on Fifth Community Center

The Greenstone on Fifth Community Center houses a library and computer lab and conducts tutoring programs for after school youth in kindergarten through 4th grade. Book Baskets board members visit the Greenstone Community Center monthly and get to know the children; we learn what specific titles interest them and try hard to supply those books when possible. Most recently, we have been arriving in the early evening, when all ages may visit the center, and have provided books to both older students we have known in previous years, as well as to “newer” teens as old as 9th grade. In addition, we have provided books to kids of all ages and also to parents during annual community events, often held in the evenings. Over the course of our involvement, we have seen a major increase in reading interest.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a national organization that seeks to bring people together to build and rebuild homes and communities while catalyzing new pathways to safe, decent, affordable housing. Their ultimate vision is to create a greater Charlottesville community where everyone can find a decent place to live. Book Baskets supplies books that are offered to children whose parents are attending training sessions designed to help homebuyers in the process of building homes. Each child can choose two books to take home at each of these meetings.

Health Department: Nurses

Book Baskets supplies books to the Health Department to be given to children when they go in for checkups and vaccinations. Each parent/child pair is able to choose a book for the child to take home at the end of the visit.

Hungry Hearts No More Food Pantry

The Hungry Hearts No More food pantry, run through Peace Lutheran Church, provides groceries to 20 local families, including approximately 50 children. Book Baskets provides books monthly so that children visiting the food pantry to pick up groceries can also select books to take home and keep.

International Neighbors

The mission of International Neighbors is to serve our refugee neighbors by​ offering a network of support services, people, and opportunities that will foster a path to self-sufficiency and productive citizenship. Book Baskets distributes books via Great Neighbor Gatherings, which are informal, theme-based gatherings held within the neighborhoods where refugees reside. Book Baskets provides books at these monthly gatherings and each child can choose two books to take home and keep.

Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry

Loaves and Fishes’ mission is to give food with kindness and compassion to those seeking assistance while providing an opportunity for volunteers to serve their neighbors in Charlottesville and surrounding communities.  Book Baskets board members curate books for the children and grandchildren of the clients at the Loaves and Fishes food pantry two to three times per week. We do this by pushing shopping carts of children’s books around to each family’s car and showing them books that would be appropriate for the ages and interests of their children. About 150 books are given out at each session.

Monticello Area Community Action Agency (MACAA): Head Start

The MACAA Head Start Program provides a comprehensive early childhood development program for three- and four-year old children from families in greatest need. Head Start children participate in a wide range of educational activities designed to enhance school readiness. Book Baskets provides books to the program so that each student can receive a new book twice a year to take home and keep.

Piedmont Housing Alliance: Friendship Court

The mission of the Piedmont Housing Alliance is to create affordable housing, and one of their projects involves working with the Friendship Court community to build new housing that offers an improved community. Several times per year, Book Baskets donates books to their community events and planning meetings.

QuickStart Tennis of Central Virginia

Quickstart seeks to create happy, healthy, active, and literate kids in the 37 underserved Virginia counties that it serves. Its Racquets for Reading!!! initiative targets school systems where third grade reading scores are below 70% and poverty rates are significant. Several times per year, Book Baskets donates books to be distributed during community events.

ReadyKids: Healthy Families

Healthy Families fosters nurturing family relationships for pregnant mothers and safe environments for young children up to five years old. Family Resource Specialists meet weekly with parents to explore fun, free, and easy activities for parents and children to do on their own. Book Baskets provides English-Spanish and English books for this program as needed for the Family Resource Specialists to offer to the children during home visits.

ReadyKids: ReadySteps

Ready Steps brings regular early learning playgroups to children and caregivers within their home communities. Parents with children ages infant to five years old can attend, and older siblings and other family members are welcome. Weekly groups meet at Agnor-Hurt Elementary, and in the Greenstone on Fifth, Westhaven, Southwood, and Friendship Court community centers, but all local families are welcome to attend. Book Baskets provides English-Spanish and English board books for each child in these groups when requested.

Region Ten: Infant and Toddler Connection of the Blue Ridge

The Infant & Toddler Connection of the Blue Ridge is a local early intervention program under the Commonwealth’s Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia. This program serves over 600 families in the Charlottesville and Albemarle area, including Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, and Nelson counties, by offering free screening and support services for children birth to age five who are not developing as expected. Workers visit families regularly in their homes, and Book Baskets provides books for this program to be used as gifts during home visits.

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville is the only local organization that provides a temporary home-away-from-home for families whose children are receiving treatment for a serious illness or injury in Charlottesville. In an effort to lessen the burden, reduce stress, keep the family intact, and enhance quality of life for these families, they provide affordable housing in a caring, home-like atmosphere. Annually, they host between 800 and 1,000 family stays. A stay could be an overnight visit or last many months. Book Baskets delivers books monthly that can be used and kept by the children in the hospital or by siblings who are staying in the Ronald McDonald House.

Sisters Keeper Collective

Sisters Keeper Collective is a group that supports, advocates, and guides black women through the birthing process by providing trained doulas. A doula will assist the mother before, during, and after childbirth. Book Baskets has provided books for Sisters Keeper Collective’s monthly family get-togethers. New moms and dads or older siblings can select a book to take home and keep.

Wee Care Day Care Center

Wee Care is a small, independent day care serving 36 children. Monthly, Book Baskets gives children ages six weeks to five years old a special book to take home and keep.

Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC)

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a nutrition program that helps mothers and young children stay healthy and eat properly. WIC helps women, infants, and children to age 5 during times of important growth by helping women and children get the nutrition services and foods they need to stay healthy. Well children must come in for a check-up every six months. Book Baskets provides books to WIC so that each child can choose a book at each visit to take home and keep.

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