How to Run a Book Drive for Book Baskets

How to Run a Book Drive for Book Baskets

First of all, thank you for helping children in our area who have few books at home! We
appreciate your generosity. If you would like to conduct a book drive to benefit Book
Baskets, please contact our coordinator, Jenny Greyson, at

1. Decide on dates for the book drive. We recommend a span of only a few weeks.
2. Get baskets, posters, and fliers from Book Baskets.
3. Hand out and/or send out fliers electronically a few days before the drive begins.
4. Leave the baskets and posters in high visibility locations during the drive (the lobby?).
5. Post and announce the numbers of books received frequently—either daily or weekly.
6. Have a competition between groups for the number of book donations (optional).
7. Remind participants shortly before the drive ends. Add boxes for overflow books.
8. After the drive ends, remove books that are worn, yellowed, written on, torn, or
outdated. Take these to the recycling center on McIntire Road.
9. Arrange a time for Book Baskets to come pick up your books and take photos.
10. Send out an announcement of the number of books collected and congratulate all
who participated for their generosity!